Hello, I am Caesar Wiratama, a dedicated full-time Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) freelancer. I provide on-demand or outsourcing CFD consulting services.

I have been using Computational Fluid Dynamics and provided services since 2013, for individual research projects or large companies who want to solve their in-field problems or developing a new product.

The Industries are varying from Aerospace, energy and renewable energy, oil and gas, manufacturing, chemical processing or plant, automotive, HVAC, construction, biomedical engineering, or even new and state of novel multiphysics cases.

You can contact me via freelancer platform Upwork or Linkedin.

Or you can contact me directly via

WA: 0821-3868-4162

Email: caesar@aeroengineering.co.id

These are some following CFD Portfolio I have done (or click here for complete list):

2021 – Overset meshing for floating body stability problem (Singapore)

2021 – Vortex Water turbine performance analysis using Volume Of Fluid (VOF) method (Colombia)

2021 – Design and optimisation of centrifugal vacuum cleaner using CFD (KITAU Robotics: UK)

2021 – CFD modelling of reduced kinematics pellets catalyst reaction (Waves Optic: US)

2021 – Bicycle aerodynamic analysis using CFD (PT. Insera Sena)

2021 – Boiler pipe expansion and explosion analysis (Perusahaan Listrik Negara)

2021 – Heat exchanger tube erosion analysis using CFD (Pertamina RU II Dumai)

2021 – Jetpump design and optimation using CFD (PT. Global Patra SInertama)

2021 – Ship propeller simulation

2020 – Wind breaker aerodynamic analysis: PT. Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN)

2020 – Modelling fluid-structure interaction (FSI) of a mixing tank for bitumen plant: PT. Timur Agung Abadi (PT. TAA)

2020 – CFD simulation of pipe and heat exchanger of a bitumen plant: PT. Timur Agung Abadi

2020 – CFD simulation of the inner body angle valve erosion: PT. Mitsubishi Chemical Indonesia (MCCI)

2020 – CFD simulation on the agricultural filter design (Hack a farm competition 2nd winner)

2020 – Multiphase CFD analysis of gravitational vortex turbine

2020 – Shipping pump bushing and shaft abrasion and erosion analysis with CFD and FEA.

2020 – Analysis of oxygen concentration in the aerator pound

2019 – Numerical study of tangential-firing boiler performance (PT. Indonesia Power)

2019 – Numerical study of dong fang turbine coil overheating problem (PT. Indonesia Power)

2018 – Numerical Modelling of Gas Turbine’s Combustion Chamber (PT. PJB PLN)

2018 – Numerical Study of Mini Turbojet Design and Optimation of Fighter UAV (UGM)

2018 – 2D Analysis of VAWT Wind Turbine with Pitch Angle Variation

2018 – Numerical Study of 3D VAWT Wind Turbine with Fin Variation

2018 – Numerical Study of Turbocharger

2018 – Performance Analysis of Gorlov Turbine with Computational Fluid Dynamics

2018 – Performance Analysis of Undershoot Water Turbine Generator with Computational Fluid Dynamic

2018 – Design and Analysis of Expander turbine with Computational Fluid Dynamics

2018 – Thermal Study of Asphalt Heating Chamber Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

2018 – Comparison Study of Bio-CMC 5 and Bio-Pol 5 heating characteristics using Computational Fluid Dynamics

2018 – Performance Analysis of Grob G-120 TP’s Wing with Computational Fluid Dynamic (Indonesian Airforce Academy)

2018 – Performance Analysis of Supersonic Flow Regime Rocket Nose Shape (Indonesian Airforce Academy)

2018 – Performance Analysis of Aerobatic Aircraft Wing Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (Indonesian Airforce Academy)

2018 – Automotive Body Shape Analysis Using Ahmed Body Computational Fluid Dynamics

2018 – Centrifugal compressor Impeller Analysis using Computational Fluid Dynamics

2018 – Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Liquid Petroleum Gas Leaked Distribution

2018 – Computational Fluid Dynamics Study of Free Surface Interaction Ship’s Hull

2018 – Numerical Study of Jet-Cellar performance at an oil rig

2018 – Numerical study of Droplet Distribution Inside Intake Manifold (National Institute of Science and Technology)

2018 – Ground-Coupled Heat Exchanger Computational Fluid Dynamic Study

2018 – Thermal Analysis of Flue Gas Desulfurization with Computational Fluid Dynamics

2018 – Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis of Ejector for Chemical Process Industry (ITB)

2018 – Boiler Chamber Thermal Optimisation Study with Computational Fluid Dynamics

2017 – Computational Fluid Dynamic Study of SPA 12-C’s Winglet Aerodynamics (Indonesian Airforce Academy)

2017 – Numerical Study of Mini Wind Turbine For Rural Area in Indonesia (UGM)

2017 – Subsonic Missile Design and Optimisation with Numerical Analysis (UGM)

2017 – Adaptive Pitch and Transmission of Small Wind Turbine (UGM)

2017 – Consecutive Trucks Ahmed Body CFD Simulation with Structured Mesh (UGM)

2017 – Numerical Analysis of Mechanical Draft Water Cooling Tower (Physics Energy Department Surya Institute)

2017 – Shell and Tube Split Flow Heat Exchanger Optimation by Material Variation

2017 – Numerical Study of Flow Trough the Backward Facing Step with Hot Air Exhaust (ITS)

2017 – Analysis of Aerodynamic and Vibration Characteristics of Suramadu Bridge with Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Method (ITS)

2017 – Optimation of Muffler Design for Automobiles (Institut Teknologi Indonesia)

2017 – Numerical Study of Induced Draft Counter Flow Cooling Tower at Industrial Power Plants (PT. Krakatau Posco)

2017 – Design and Optimisation of Wulung UAV’s Nacelle with Computational Fluid Dynamics (PT. Dirgantara Indonesia)

2017 – Design and Optimisation of Egg Hatchery Heating Chamber with Computational Fluid Dynamics

2017 –  Design and Optimisation Study of Sea Chest for Chargo Ship (ITS)

2017 – Numerical Study of Boeing 737 Airfoil at Transonic Flow Regime (Indonesian Airforce Academy)

2017 – Design and Simulation of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger (Universitas Pancasila)

2017 – Numerical Study of Shipping Pump with Computational Fluid Dynamics (Master UGM)

2017 – Water Turbine Cross Flow Performance Analysis with Computational Fluid Dynamics (Universitas Hasanudin)

2017 – Water Turbine Generator Performance Analysis Numerical Study (ITS)

2016 – Study of Factory’s Room Humidity to Achieve Comfort Level (ITS)

2016 – Numerical Study of Asphalt Factory Air Circulation With Computational Fluid Dynamics (ITS)

2015 – Design of Anti-Vibration Gloves with Auxetic Materials (UGM)

2015 – Numerical Study of Bamboo’s Capability to Withstand Merapi Mountain Eruption (SMAN 1 Yogyakarta)

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